CNC Metal Machining was incorporated on the 10 of March 1992 to undertake the machining challenges in the precision and semi precision metal parts and components for machineries and equipment, automation systems, air conditioner, motorcycles and automobile industries. We had also machined parts for the oil & gas, medical and food industries.  

Throughout the past 16 years we had grown in size and strength.  We had also won a few awards as the “Best Machining Vendor” in the industry along with several testimonials from satisfied customers. In the process we had also improved to deal with all the customers’ needs and problems. Naturally with all this experience, we need to keep abreast with the customers in moving forward together with them by securing the ISO 9001/2001 accreditation. We are taking a step further to improve our standard for the ISO/TS 16949. This proves our company strives and demands high standards of quality for it products and services as this is vital in ensuring satisfaction from our customers. We believe that we will be more competent, efficient and systematic in future to further enhance the customers’ confidence.

To all our future prospects, we believe in ensuring the QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) factors are being met and we will strive to be a respectable machining company ‘of choice’ in the industry. 

Our continuous effort to improve our manpower competency and skill in line with the changes required by the market will ensure that we will be able to meet all our current and future customers’ requirement.