Our Services

Mass Production

We able to manufacture mass production part from raw material to finishing with our standard process (ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949 certification).

Custom Made Part

We able to manufacture single part for any type of metal spare part or any prototype metal project that you can think of.

Sourcing for Other Process

In addition, we also provide Outsourcing, Manufacturing and Assembly Services (OMAS) to fulfil our customers’ needs in providing One Stop Solution.


Our business focus are Quality

We are also registered ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949 certification holder from Lloyd’s, which ensure our commitment to quality and enhance our customer’s confidence.

Wide range of CNC machines

We have over 28units of cnc lathe,
13 units of cnc milling and many more.

Our biggest cnc lathe machine which is 1016mm diameter with 3m machining length.

As for our biggest cnc milling machine which has 3m x-axis, 1.6m y-axis and 0.75m z-axis machining area.

Various of Machinable Raw Material to choose

Wider range of machinable raw material can be choose from either for mass production or single part.